How To Take Care Of Your Max & Moi Cashmere?

Max & Moi's cashmere, a noble material present in our collections, has its origin in the vast prairies of Inner and Outer Mongolia. It requires special maintenance to keep its softness and the quality of your favorite items.

Cashmere is a delicate and refined material that likes water. It is thus desirable to wash your Max & Moi items often. For a perfect maintenance of our Max & Moi cashmere and merino cashmere creations, we have created our MAX&MOI CASHMERE DETERGENT.

01. Machine washing

If you choose to use a machine to wash, only use the wool program with cold water. Do not select the 30°C program. The water can become too hot, and the wool starts to shrink if the temperature exceeds 32°C. Finally, don't go above 500 turns per minutes during the spinning phase.

02. Hand washing

You can also choose to hand wash your Max & Moi cashmere pullover. For this, submerge the articles for about 10 minutes in warm water (the maximum water temperature should be 30°C), gently squeeze, and rinse with clear, lukewarm water. Avoid rubbing so as not to affect the quality of your pullover. For optimal results, only dry using a cold drum dryer and add tennis balls or place the clothes in a rolled-up towel. Unroll after about half an hour and dry them flat.

03. Getting rid of a stain

Your favorite item may become stained. In that case, dab a few drops of MAX&MOI CASHMERE detergent liquid on the items before washin them. Wait 10 minutes, wash the item, then dry it flat. (Do not expose it to heat or sunlight.)